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Original Custom Illustrations by MAS Commissioned for Publication

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION TRIPTYCH: Limited-run custom-designed full-color 2013 Christmas card for FAITH Catholic Publishers, Lansing, Michigan, marking the 10th anniversary of their founding on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 2004, and sent to the 29 Catholic dioceses they serve.  Central panel available as a print for purchase.

SEVEN VIRTUES SERIES: Seven allegorical illustrations on the theme of the Psychomachia, or "Combat between the Vices and the Virtues," commissioned in 2013 for a children's theological textbook by the Catholic organization Fraternus.

HARPERCOLLINS UK PEW SUNDAY AND WEEKDAY MISSALS: Over 50 half- and full-page illustrations were commissioned by HarperCollins UK for their 2012 printing of their revised pew Sunday and Weekday Missals.

LTP REVISED ROMAN MISSAL: 15 full-page illustrations on liturgical and Scriptural themes by Matthew Alderman, specially commissioned for the work, appear in the 2011 printing of the revised Roman Missal by Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago.   (Upper left and third from top; cover design and photos by Anna Manhart).

ALBUM COVERS: Original art, logo and layout design for albums Up the Irons (2011) and The Door of Faith (2013) by Theandric and layout design for JAV's Stephen Tharp recording of Goldberg Variations (2011).  

ALTAR CARD SET (1962 MISSAL): Private Printing for Client (2011).  Now available for purchase in MAS store.

PRIVATE PRINTING OF REVISED ROMAN MISSAL: Two original full-page illustrations and an ornamented initial for a private printing of the Roman Missal for a client's wedding, 2010. 

COVER ILLUSTRATION FOR STUDI MONTEFELTRANI: A full-page cover illustration for the Italian historical journal Studi Montefeltrani, commissioned in 2010 and officially launched with a presentation in 2011 by noted semiotician Umberto Eco in San Leo, Italy. 

Other Published Illustrations by Matthew

Matthew Alderman, "The Espousal of Mary and Joseph."  Saints Illustrated, Parable, January/February 2014.  Article written by Matthew featuring his illustration "The Espousal of Mary and Joseph with SS. Joachim and Anne," pp. 24-25.  Reprinted in Catholic Compass‚Äč, January/February 2014.

Matthew Alderman, "Expressing Cecilia." Saints Illustrated, Parable November/December 2013. Article written by Matthew featuring his illustration "S. Cecilia Accompanied by Her Guardian Angel and SS. Valerian and Tiburtius."

Boys' and Girls' Curriculums for Fraternus, 2011-2015.  15 illustrations licensed for republication in two religious education textbook editions.

"The Signature of Man: A Gallery of Chestertonian Artists."  Gilbert Magazine, Vol. 13, Number 8, July-August 2010, Art showcase including 3 of Matthew's original illustrations, p. 21.

Matthew J. Milliner. "Building for Humans: Architecture after Modernism."The Christian Century, March 10, 2009, p. 26-29, including one illustration by Matthew.

Second Spring: International Journal of Faith and Culture. 10, 2008, p. 80, illustration "St. Hope of Rome" (2006).

Juan-Diego Brunetta, O.P., ed. Prayer Time: A Collection of Catholic Prayers. New Haven: Knights of Columbus/Catholic Information Service, 2007, illustrations on p. 26 ("Mystical Crucifixion," 2006) and p. 40 ("S. Michael Psychopompus," 2006). Later translated, with same illustrations, into French as Un temps pour priere (2008).

Michael S. Rose. In Tiers of Glory: The Organic Development of Catholic Church Architecture Through the Ages. Cincinnati: Mesa Folio Editions, 2004, illustrations on p. 14 ("Solomon's Temple"), and p. 37 ("Corpus Christi at San Marco, Venice").

Press Coverage of RDG/MAS Work on St. Paul's University Catholic Center, Madison, WI  

Unsigned Editorial. "Tall Building Deserves Fair Shot."Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 24, 2010. [Online].

Doug Erickson. "St. Paul Student Center Gets Warm Reception in Plan Commission." Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 22, 2010.  [Online]. 

Maggie DeGroot, "Commitee Hears Proposal for St. Paul's Catholic Student Center, Approves Hockey Rink." The Daily Cardinal, Nov. 23, 2010.

Doug Erickson. "New Design Proposal for St. Paul Student Center Unveiled." Wisconsin State Journal, Oct. 26, 2010. [Online].

Profiles of Matthew Alderman's Work 

"Re-consecration in the East: Pre-Revolutionary Church Restored and Re-consecrated in Vladivostok," The Catholic World Report, March 2008, p. 13. An unsigned article profiling Matthew's work in Vladivostok.

Articles by Matthew About Architectural Theory

"Wisconsin Baroque, Priests and Paper Architecture." Dappled Things, SS. Peter and Paul edition 2009 (Vol. 4, Issue 3), p. 3-17, illustrations by author.  [Reprinted here]. 

"Heaven Made Manifest: An Architectural Solution for The Spirit of the Liturgy." Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal. Vol. 12, No. 3, 2008, p. 240-273, some illustrations by the author.  [PDF].

"Incarnating the Mass: Rediscovering the Liturgical Beauty of Christian Architecture."Saint Austin Review (StAR), special Spirit of the Liturgy edition, May/June 2007, p. 12-16, some illustrations by author.

Art and Architectural Criticism by Matthew

"Come and See?  Boston's Cathedral Church of Saint Paul."  The Living Church.  Architecture and Worship Issue. February 3, 2013. [Online].  

"Devils in the Details: The Return of the Gargoyle."  Comment, June 11, 2012.  [Online].

"From Meeting-House to House of God," The Living Church, January 27, 2012. Cover story, featuring two original illustrations by Matthew.  [Online].

A Faceless Volto Santo: Mario Botta's Conference Room Tomb."Sacred Architecture: The Journal of the Institute for Sacred Architecture, Volume 20 - Fall 2011.  [Online].

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